Link Spam: Rick Perry Edition

Sigh.  So I live in Texas.  Don’t let what has happened to us happen to the rest of the country.  Rick Perry is trying to ruin education in our state; he is attacking higher education.  He is an evangelical Christian who clearly doesn’t separate church and state.  He hates and doesn’t believe in federal government.

So have some links about him.  Read and share.  Everyone speak out against him.

The Texas miracles he spouts are only part of the story.  A very misleading story.

He appoints evangelical Christians into government positions who then do dangerous things like undermine evolution.

He supports abstinence only education.

He attacks higher education and the worth of academia, tries to make (and is succeeding) Texas A&M into a business, and perhaps isn’t a person we should trust looking at his background in college.   Low blow- whatever… I’m going to fight with anything I have.

Read ten things we should know about him including execution of innocent man, supporting legislation requiring women seeking abortions to have sonograms yet guts childcare services in a state with some of the worst healthcare services.

And a last link about Perry from Feministing… these are not the three most frightening things about Perry (in my opinion) but the first and the third are part and parcel of why I dislike him so much.  He’s ridiculously traditional and more conservative than most of the nation, and he doesn’t think about the repercussions of anything he says.

Check out Left of College Station for a lot of information lately about Rick Perry.

Last, I’m throwing in a link that I just believe everyone should read (and many already have) from Warren Buffet on how we should stop coddling the super rich.

And check out the Best of the Left podcast on how the rich get richer.  Some of the highlights include:

Young Turks on former budget director for president Ronald Reagan David Stockman sharing fact about wealth accumulation.

Media Matters pointing out Fox News Falsehoods on half of Americans not paying taxes.

and of course The Daily Show explaining about the tax cut religion.

Watch, listen, and/or share!


I love nerdy appreciation!

Soooo instead of doing a linkspam today, I’m going to be doing a nerdy image dump.   The theme of these pictures is nerdy fan art.  I have another Doctor Who fan art in the works, but I decided to go broad today!  I’ve linked sources when it has been available.  Please comment if you know credit so I can add it.

As all good old school nerds of my age should recognize… Star Wars is essential.  So have some Day of the Dead Stormtroopers!

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Attack the Block Review: Conventional Othering in a Nice Package

I saw Attack the Block by director Joe Cornish last week.  So, to paint you the picture–Sam and I decided to go see a movie.  I wanted to see Cowboys and Aliens because come on… cowboys… aliens… Daniel Craig… I’ve been waiting to see this nerd and hot man extravaganza since I saw the preview months ago.  Unfortunately, Sam was less than thrilled about the possibilities.  Not the first time my extreme nerdiness has gone unmatched by the people around me.  Where are the nerdy hoards that will understand me????  *ahem*  Sorry.

Upon perusing the films at the Alamo Drafthouse (best. theater. ever.) I saw that Attack the Block was by the same producers of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead with Nick Frost starring in it.  The film was billed as a science fiction, comedy and horror, and so in my head I’m totally picturing another Fuzz of the Dead.  Yes!  I’m in!  Sam’s in!  Huzzah!

Wwwweeeellll… to both my delight and my horror (literally), it was far less in the comedy arena and more in the horror arena then I was thinking.  I spent the next hour and a half jumping in my chair with my heart pumping and my face in my hands like I could protect the film from diving into my penetrable eyeballs.  Yes, I’m a giant horror weenie.  So let’s go through the pros and cons.

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Lesbians, debt shenanigans, and race hatred, oh my!

I read far too much news everyday.  Okay, that’s totally untrue.  More people should read the news.  Pay attention to both the mainstream media and independent media!  Unfortunately, I cruise news in order to avoid work I should be doing on my dissertation or lesson plans.  My favorite vices are NPR and BBC, and I’m currently trying to be better about reading blogs and other independent media.  I’ll try to make that part of my blogging, passing on important and/or interesting sites.

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