Skyfall Review

I’m a Bond fan (despite Ian Felming). I’m a Daniel Craig fan. So Skyfall was a must see.

Directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty), Skyfall is the third installment of the James Bond reboot starring Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, and Ralph Fiennes.

I was a fan of Casino Royale despite plot holes and dialogue issues mostly because of Craig’s take on Bond and the exploration of how Bond ended up the Bond we know and love. Let’s all pretend Quantum of Solace doesn’t exist. Craig’s gorgeous eyes, charm, and chest couldn’t save the film for all it’s over the top action sequences and crappy characters and plot.  But Skyfall? The best Bond film since You Only Live Twice (1967). (Yeah.. I’m partially throwing that out there to see what storm brews).

So quick sum up: Chase scene at the beginning leads to Bond’s death.  Except, (and really I don’t need a spoiler warning) of course, he didn’t really die. A giant hand saves him (This is a beautiful title sequence, and mostly, I love the Adele song… but I was caught off guard by the transition from Bond’s fall to the sequence). Meanwhile, MI6 freaks out over the stolen information that lists all MI6 agents. M is threatened, undercover agents covers are blown, and multiple people die. While hanging out at a resort, Bond sees the terrorist attacks on England and returns because we need him. And Bond has sex with hot ladies, charms everyone, faces his past, and saves the day. Continue reading