First full day in Madrid

After doing a guided walk (a la Rick Steves) to succeed in picking up the dance tickets, we went to the Prado.

Very much worth it. So very full of pictures, I was overloaded trying to do it in one day. I think we spent three hours there, saw everything we wanted to see, skipped over a ton, and I was probably dazed after the first two hours.

Highlights? The best: All the Bosch.

garden sections

Here are sections from “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

Next best favorites:


Diego Velázquez’s “Las Meninas”

El Greco: I was shocked by this… didn’t expect to love but his use of colors was just amazing.


“Adoración de los pastores”



“Saint George and the Dragon”

I feel like I should say Goya because we saw a lot, he’s clearly a big name, but I really didn’t care for many of them.

goya edit

“Saturn” is intense and scary and I’ve seen it referenced many times. But the only one that touched me much was “El Quitasol”

Okay, there ends my picture tour of our Prado visit. We did see two pieces after we’d pretty much given up that I loved a lot. One was a sculpture that was a bust but covered by a veil (the veil being carved too)-really impressive. The other was a lady… she was just so lovely, her skin and expression and clothes painted so well. “Amalia de Llano y Dotres, Countess of Vilches” by Madrazo.

We were totally exhausted for the rest of the day. So the only other thing we managed was to eat. We had Spanish fast food at Cervecería 100 Montaditos, which offers small one euro sandwiches. The sandwiches were good. The “nachos” were not. Meh tortilla chips with theater like nacho cheese and meh scoop of guacomole. I was just missing tex-mex.  But we had delicious delicious delicious Indian food at Indian Aroma. If you go to Madrid, eat there. Seriously. I had vindaloo paneer, Aneel had tikka masala, we shared cheese naan and garlic naan and veggie samosas. Yum. Seriously. Eat there.

Madrid Recommendations? Prado and Indian Aroma


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