Last hours in Sevilla, Visiting Cordoba, Ending in Almagro

For breakfast on our last day in Sevilla, we had breakfast at a pastry store next to hotel. I had a chocolate orange cake and an apple thingy; Aneel had chocolate pretzel. We then went to the palace (Alcazar) in Sevilla that had been closed by the time we were done with the cathedral the night before. It was designed and decorated in the Mujédar style, which is a mixture of Moorish and Christian design (basically Christians appropriating what they want but throwing in the Christian things they liked (or to emphasize Christianity). This was interesting for me. On one hand, it was a little disappointing because it was really not anything ANYTHING as spectacular as the Alhambra. On the other hand, it was fascinating having seen the Alhambra to be able to pinpoint differences and developments.

Even if the palace itself was a little meh, the gardens were fantastic. Just… wow.  If I did Sevilla again, I would spend less time in the palace and way more time in gardens. I would spend hours wandering, sitting and reading, getting lost. I did get lost in the giant maze hedges that Aneel could annoyingly see over but I couldn’t. We needed to get on our way so we left and stopped by the nun cookie store. These were apparently common with cloistered nuns. They sit at an El Torno and you order in front, they sit behind where you can’t see them, and spin the torno around to get your money and deliver your food. This was an El Torno in name only. The cookies were made by nuns but the store now just had a normal desk with non-nuns. We got wedding cookies and buttery cookies. I passed on going back to the Fascinator store (because I’m a good person that sacrifices for the good of the money), and we got the car from the car elevator and escaped Sevilla with very little road hassle.

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Full day in Sevilla: Flirtations, nachos, rainbow.

We woke up late in Sevilla (well… Aneel got up at 9ish, and I stayed in bed because that’s what I do). Because both of us were feeling a little pushed to our limits, we decided to stay in the hotel room, work on computers, and lounge. Except the internet wasn’t working in our hotel room, so we moved to the coffee shop at the front of our hotel. Btw, I very much recommend Hotel Adriano in Sevilla. Great location, very comfortable beds, free champagne. The only downside is that the internet almost never worked from our room.

We didn’t leave the hotel until 2:30pm. Lazy. The start of our day was loungey and slow! Success? The rest of our day was not. Limited success. Our first stop was New York pizza, nachos, and smoothies shop. Because that is what New York sells. It was fairly tasty. I got the nachos mostly because it amused me—a Texan eating nachos in Spain.


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Day in Granada and onto Sevilla

Okay. Welp. We had laundry to do. Well… Aneel had laundry to do; I over packed as usual and still had a few days left. But you know, if Aneel was doing laundry then it only made sense for me to do laundry as well.

(Side note: please forgive my rambling. I’m actually writing this sitting in Almagro having had perhaps… a couple of glasses of wine with dinner. Aneel did grumpy cat impersonations. I giggled. I’m tipsy… Aneel is denying his tipsy but don’t believe him. He likes to keep things close to the vest. Okay… where was I? Laundry!!).

So we meandered through Granada towards the laundry place that Aneel found but also in the direction of the Albayzin, which I wanted to walk through).  The laundry went super smoothly; I was impressed. Seriously, we started the wash, gave the guy instructions for when we’d be back to pick it up, and left. Presto. Laundry taken care of. Amazing. Having Aneel on this trip is super useful and awesome. I learn things about traveling. The meandering got a little confused at this point; we walked up a fairly decent hill to a pretty high point in Granada, oohed and aaahed at the city, and then wandered back down through the Albayzin, through the narrow winding streets of this Medieval Moorish neighborhood. I’d like to come back here at some point in time.

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Day in Cartagena, Onward to Granada

We woke up in Cartagena and set off! Our plan? 1) Roman Theater, 2) Roman forums, 3) Naval Museum! I was a little irked at the Naval Museum to begin with because finding an address and directions for it were confusing—come to find out this was because it had moved—and I think I cursed our Naval Museum trip because it was closed for siesta by the time we got there.

The Roman Theater was really a well done museum. They had artifacts in a number of rooms with nice explanations. And the Theater excavation was great. It had restored areas, less restored areas; it had areas from a few of the major different periods on display so you could compare and see the development. Gah. So good. It was impressive how later periods just build buildings on top of the theater steps. Roman forums were very much similar but of bathhouses and an atrium building. Near that was also the Decumanos, a peak into a road of the time.

In between those, we did walk up to a park, and I played on swings and climbed things at least for a few minutes. We ate more delicious tapas (cod fritters, fried fish of some other type, and yummy potatoes with sauce). Then we stopped briefly in at the town hall which was just beautiful. And on top of the beautiful building, there were wedding pictures being taken of two beautiful brides all decked out in white gowns and holding hands. Super cute. Continue reading