More Museum in Madrid

Prado one day, Reina Sofia the next.

I’m a contemporary art lady down to my only occasionally pedicured toes. I love modern art, and minimalism, and high theory, and mental masturbation. If you give me a choice between beauty and concept, then I’m going to go with concept regularly. So… even though I’d had a good time at the Prado the day before and seen Bosch (have I mentioned how much I like Bosch?), I was more excited about the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and its twentieth century art.

But I was wrong.


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First full day in Madrid

After doing a guided walk (a la Rick Steves) to succeed in picking up the dance tickets, we went to the Prado.

Very much worth it. So very full of pictures, I was overloaded trying to do it in one day. I think we spent three hours there, saw everything we wanted to see, skipped over a ton, and I was probably dazed after the first two hours.

Highlights? The best: All the Bosch.

garden sections

Here are sections from “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

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