Last hours in Sevilla, Visiting Cordoba, Ending in Almagro

For breakfast on our last day in Sevilla, we had breakfast at a pastry store next to hotel. I had a chocolate orange cake and an apple thingy; Aneel had chocolate pretzel. We then went to the palace (Alcazar) in Sevilla that had been closed by the time we were done with the cathedral the night before. It was designed and decorated in the Mujédar style, which is a mixture of Moorish and Christian design (basically Christians appropriating what they want but throwing in the Christian things they liked (or to emphasize Christianity). This was interesting for me. On one hand, it was a little disappointing because it was really not anything ANYTHING as spectacular as the Alhambra. On the other hand, it was fascinating having seen the Alhambra to be able to pinpoint differences and developments.

Even if the palace itself was a little meh, the gardens were fantastic. Just… wow.  If I did Sevilla again, I would spend less time in the palace and way more time in gardens. I would spend hours wandering, sitting and reading, getting lost. I did get lost in the giant maze hedges that Aneel could annoyingly see over but I couldn’t. We needed to get on our way so we left and stopped by the nun cookie store. These were apparently common with cloistered nuns. They sit at an El Torno and you order in front, they sit behind where you can’t see them, and spin the torno around to get your money and deliver your food. This was an El Torno in name only. The cookies were made by nuns but the store now just had a normal desk with non-nuns. We got wedding cookies and buttery cookies. I passed on going back to the Fascinator store (because I’m a good person that sacrifices for the good of the money), and we got the car from the car elevator and escaped Sevilla with very little road hassle.

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